Quickfill 560

AquaHealth’s Quickfill 560 delivers a sustainable and nutritional hydration solution to educational institutions, military facilities and corporations across America.

AquaHealth's Quickfill 560 Dispenser


Healthy Beverage Program Dispenser

  • Six-valve dispenser – Available in either Sparkling & Still or /Still-only
  • Premium Still and Sparkling Waters
  • All Natural Sugar-Free and Vitamin Enhanced Beverages
  • Chills 50 liters per hour
  • Water Dispenses at 38 – 42 degrees Fahrenheit


SPACE ALLOTMENT BASE: 19 3/4 inches wide x 24 inches deep HEIGHT: 25 3/8 inches (without legs) +4 inches (with legs) SHIPPING WEIGHT 150 LBS OPERATIONAL WEIGHT 261 LBS REFRIGERATION MOTOR 1/4 HP

INSTALLATION CONSIDERATIONS The counter top must be capable of holding the weight of the unit and also have enough clearance above to accommodate its height. It is necessary to drill a 2 1/2 inch hole in the counter top to accommodate the drain and product lines equivalent space to run the lines behind the cabinet.

ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS 115 VAC, 60 HZ, 1PH, 15AMP grounded duplex outlet to accommodate each dispenser and accessory. Locate the outlet within 5 feet of dispenser. Extension cords cannot be used. ALL ELECTRICAL WIRING MUST CONFORM TO NATIONAL AND LOCAL ELECTRICAL CODES. Running amps: 7.8

PLUMBING REQUIREMENTS It is necessary to supply the Quickfill 560with AquaHealth Premium Water. Syrup flavors are optional. Syrup lies are braided and have a 1/4 inch inside diameter. Reducing union are required to reduce from 3/8 to 1/4 inch barb for all syrup connections. The Non-Sparkling Water and optional carbonated water supply lines are braided and have a 3/8 inch inside diameter. The Quickfill 560 maintains a drain provision that can be plumbed or the tray can be removed as required for manual operation.