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Rice University Spring 2017 Start-Up

We're at Rice University working along side their team preparing for a new year and new semester. AquaHealth has proudly served Rice University students and faculty for over 16 years!

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New Year's Resolutions (And How to Stick to Them!)

slide1.jpgIt's that time of year again.. time to make your list of New Year's Resolutions! Maybe you want to learn a new language, travel somewhere exotic, volunteer or support a non-profit, turn off the t.v. and make time to read, create an excercise plan that becomes a way of life rather than an unattainable goal. Whatever it is you decide to do, make sure you add "Drink More Water" to your list - you just may find it gives you that extra power to stay focused and reach your goals!

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Happy Holidays From All of Us at AquaHealth, Wrentham!

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from All of Us at AquaHealth, Wrentham!

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AquaHealth, Incorporated - 25 Years in Business!

AquaHealth, Incorporated - 25 Years in Business!

This month, 25 years ago, Barclay Hansen and I started AquaHealth in his rented apartment in Dedham, Massachusetts. Our concept was simple: To deliver great fountain water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water to restauranteurs.

Our mission has expanded from this simple premise to include sparkling and flavored waters to corporations, hotels, colleges, military bases and many other venues. Our message of sustainable, high quality value-based beverages has helped us reach many corners of the United States and other countries.  

We could not have grown and succeeded without the help of our investors, our fantastic employees, our creative suppliers and our irreplaceable customers.

I’ve enjoyed the ride, and with today’s customers, I am as excited about our business as I have ever been!

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What is your Favorite Water Flavor?

What is your Favorite Water Flavor?

Every year, at AquaHealth, we ask people this question. The answers change each year, but some are always favorites. Kiwi-strawberry has been in our line up for thirteen years. Unsweetened Lime Mint is a new flavor that we added last year. 

Check out this link about La Croix. Grapefruit Water is the favorite flavor in this study.

Please tell us what your favorite sparkling water flavor is? If we don't already offer your favorite water flavor, you may see it soon.....


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Aquahealth Premium Water Products Are the Vegan Choice!



The best alternative to soda and sugary drinks is AquaHealth Premium Flavored Water. With flavors like Lemon-lime, Kiwi-strawberry, and Orange-mango the choice is simple. If you are looking for all natural sweeteners or refined sugar alternatives, Aquahealth flavors are made with honey, sucralose, stevia, and cane sugar. 

Aquahealth products are the choice of Vegan Dining Services at Villanova University, Bate's College and University of Delaware. Transparency is a must when most daily use items contain harmful ingredients, and Aquahealth provides clear and simple ingredients made for your health.


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The Price of Water


The Price of Water

We can all agree that water is essential to life, whether it be the life of that plant in the corner of your living room, the fish on the menu tonight or the life of your child. 

Water has an inelastic demand in the short-term. The price of water won’t affect demand, since you ‘gotta have it’. Of course, the value of water (and the price one is willing to pay) increases quickly, the longer one goes without……especially on a hot day. 

Pure water has more value than tap water. When water is plentiful, people will pay a market-driven price for premium water (@AquahealthWater).  When clean water is scares, any safe water source is valuable and potentially very costly.

The United Nations has deemed water a ‘human right’.  Everyone must have clean water. But at what price? Economics dictate that scarce clean water can be expensive. Catarina de Albuquerque at her role in the UN is addressing this problem. I read about her @wateraid. She believes clean water needs to have a market price and that the private sector, in partnership with Governments and NGOs, has a major role to play delivering water to places in need. Please enjoy more about what Catarina is doing HERE.

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Drink 8 glasses of water a day....Really?


We've all heard that, but what does it mean?  How big is each glass?  Does juice count? How about coffee? Beer? Does it matter how big I am? Can I get them all out of the way before 9 AM?

I'm in the water business and I wasn't sure how to answer any of these questions, except for the beer one.  So I looked into it and I found a recently published (Short) article out of Sydney, Australia that nails it.  Enjoy!  Don't Do it!



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Aquahealth Custom Logo Bottles


The perfect way to get your brand noticed is with Aquahealth Custom Logo Bottles. Recently pictured in St.Louis Magazine feature of  St. Louis' new Cibare Italian Kitchen at River City Casino, Aquahealth glass water bottles make a statement. 

When the details matter most, customers choose Aquahealth for quality and sustainability. Custom bottles are available in 1 Liter or half-liter options. Your choice of Logo or Branding on the front with Aquahealth's Sustainability Mission included on the back. 

Custom bottle orders are available in minimum quantites of 72 bottles and are packaged by the dozen. All you need is camera-ready artwork in jpeg, pdf or similar format. For more information on how to order your custom bottles today, email 

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Virgin Atlantic’s Clubhouse now Serving Vivante Water

virgin atlantic resized 600Virgin Atlantic has now added Vivante Water, AquaHealth’s premium brand water, to their San Francisco Clubhouse. With their relaxing atmospheres, the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouses are the perfect place to relax, get a bite to eat, or even enjoy the services of a spa before a flight. They also offer an excellent venue for business travelers to get work done in a stress-free environment.

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By serving Vivante Water, Virgin Atlantic offers environmentally conscious, crystal clear, and pure still and sparkling water for their guests.

You can find out more information about the unique experience Virgin Atlantic offers in their standout clubhouses here.

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