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The Purity Of Bottled Water Is Held In The Vessel

The finest hydration source on planet earth is purified, filtered water. Our cells are bathed in this cleansing elixir, enabling us to survive and thrive.

AquaHealth's BPA Free Bottled Water Program for Colleges and UniversitiesGive the human body pure, clean water, and it can function, some times with ample energy for days, weeks even, without food. Try and reverse that equation and go without clean water, and the resilient human body will be fighting to stay alive.  We don’t need food every single day in order to survive, but we do need water. If the water we choose to drink is pristine, our health will reflect that.  If not, our bodies will suffer the consequences.

We hear about the advanced filtering processes used AquaHealth's Earth Friendly Bottled Water Program is green, sustainable and affordableby some bottled water companies, and we think, as we should, that the water is crystal clear and superior to that of other water sources. Our health and wellness is of utmost importance, so we pay a pretty penny for what we believe is perfect water.  Striving to keep ourselves optimally hydrated, we purchase and drink, purchase and drink this purified bottled water.  We’re doing well, aren’t we?

AquaHealth's Earth Friendly Bottled Water Program provides optimal hydration and is sustainable and affordableThe truth is, the water we drink is only as pure and safe as the vessel.  The source of the water may be ridiculously clean, and the filtering and purification process, ideal, but if the vessel holding the water is unfit for human consumption, so too is that once pristine water.
Have you heard of Bisphenol A? Stay tuned, I’ll tell you in my next post just what it is and why we should avoid it.

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