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Healthy Living Tips: 4 Ways to Have Greener Holiday


Healthy Living Tips: 4 Ways to Have Greener Holiday

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This holiday season have a very merry “green” holyday. 

Every year my mom always has me on the hunt for “green” ways to make the house smell nice and look great.  This year we bundled up and found some beautiful pinecones, evergreens, holy and berries to spruce up and old box and set it into the fireplace.  We also had some left over so we decorated the front window boxes as well.  It’s a great way to spend some time with your favorite someone, while saving dollars and using something natural from the earth.  There are so many different ways to enjoy your holidays this season; here are a few more ideas to celebrate green:

1)  Holiday Cards- Instead of ordering cards online and having them shipped to you or buying them at your local store, choose a greener option and send online e-cards to family and friends, they can save them in a folder or delete them versus throwing them out and having them end up in a landfill.

2)  Homemade gift ideas- Make a list, not naughty or nice, but a list of those you will be buying for this holiday season.  There are so many wonderful gifts you can give that you yourself can make, not only is it fun, but it something you made for that one person, something special.  A few of my favorite websites for great gift ideas to make include: Pinterest,, Uncommon goods has a bunch of recycled and handmade gift ideas as well as Martha Stewart,

3)  Gift Wrapping- There are so many options out their this year for holiday wrapping paper and gift bags, so while they all look so pretty and would look nice under the tree forgo the wrapping paper and use reusable gift bags and recyclable paper. 

4)  Appetizers, Entrees and Desserts-In 2010 there was 34 million tons of food waste generated.  You and your family can help out by using your leftovers.  Bread can easily be made into croutons and turkey into a  delicious turkey soup.  Hey put the croutons on top of your turkey soup… delicious! (

5)  Donations- Every year when you start taking out the holiday and winter gear there are always a few things that you don’t want anymore. Don’t just throw them into the trash donate them.  There are so many places that will take donations from the Salvation Army, Savers, The Red Cross and more.  Make someone else’s holiday season a little brighter with a new to them, winter coat, pair of shoes, purse, mittens…

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