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Bottled Water Hurts Both the Planet and your Wallet


If Albert Einstein were alive today, there are many things about our 21st century society that would confuse him. Our collective fascination with selfies, check-out lines, and the Kardashians would confuse even a great mind like Einstein. However, if you were to explain to Einstein that Americans spend billions of dollars a year on water transported over long distances in small, plastic bottles, he would think our society was collectively insane. 

Suzanne Havala Hobbs, an associate professor of Health Policy and Management at UNC Chapel-Hill, recently wrote about why we should all ditch bottled water. The reasons are simple: One, its horrible for the environment. Most bottled water comes in small, plastic bottles that end up in landfills. As well, the environmental cost of transporting bottled water over long distances is enormous.

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The second reason is that by buying bottled water, you’re hurting your wallet. Spending a dollar or more on bottled of water on a daily basis gets expensive fast. You can save money by getting a reusable water bottle and ditching the plastic.

Imagine if we all used a reusable water bottle: Our wallets would be thicker, the environment would be better off, and Einstein’s hair wouldn’t be raised so high. A win-win all around!

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Greener Bottled Water

Reveal the truth about the bottled water industryAll across America we hear of the dangers bottled water poses to our environment and our health.  Blogs, newspaper and magazine articles, Youtube videos and television are broadcasting what will happen to our planet if the world doesn’t stop pouring on the plastic. The multi-billion dollar bottled water industry doesn’t want us to know how serious this problem is, because they make money off of our ignorance.  Thankfully there are many non-profit organizations across America who are working to reveal the truth. Due to their efforts, we now have powerful and viable solutions to the growing plastic and water problems.

Take Back The Tap PledgeFood and Water Watch is one such non-profit working to educate Americans about sustainable practices. This group has launched a powerful campaign called Take Back the Tap, which focuses on choosing tap water over the bottled water brands, and reinvesting in America’s water systems. The Take Back the Tap Pledge sends a message to the bottled water industries and to our local governments telling them that we are not happy with the mess that surrounds us and that changes must be made.

naive to the dangers of bottled waterOnce the darling of the beverage industry, bottled water can no longer mask its warts. Other than being convenient, it possesses no other redeeming qualities. Not too long ago it would have been craziness to sell bottled water, but now it has become part of our culture. Americans shell out a fortune each year to keep the bottled water habit alive. On average we are spending $28,000,000,000 a year on mountain spring water that doesn’t actually come from mountain springs! We have been deceived through grand marketing schemes to believe that our bottled water is crystal clear, sourced from pristine pools on remote islands. Sadly, those lovely pictures on the bottled water labels are misleading, as more than 25 percent of all bottled water is just repackaged tap water, some being filtered and some not. Two popular bottled water brands on the market right now are Aquafina and Dasani, and both are just plain old filtered tap water.describe the image

Many of us don’t realize that America has some of the cleanest public water in the world because of the EPA’s strict regulations for purity of tap water. We have been brainwashed to believe that tap water is dirty and harmful to our health, but it isn’t true. describe the imageWater packaged in plastic...THAT is the dirty, harmful water. Bisphenol A, abbreviated BPA is a toxic substance found in plastic. When plastic comes in contact with water, BPA leaches into the water source, contaminating it.  This compound has been found to cause spontaneous miscarriages, cancer, and birth defects, including  Down Syndrome.  It is extremely harmful to our health, and it is found in the bottled water we drink.

Dealing with the environmental, health and financial woes of traditional bottled water isn’t worth it.  But taking back the tap in our homes, schools, offices, restaurants, hotels, malls, airports and parks, is.  If we want our planet and ourselves to be healthy for a very long time, it’s time to reach for Greener Bottled Water.  Let’s say goodbye to the money sucking and earth damaging bottled water industry and start bottling up our own water. It is really quite simple and unbelievably affordable to create Greener Bottled Water. We just need to get our water from the tap, purify it on the spot using one of the many filtration options now on the market, and bottle it up in reusable, plastic-free containers. That’s all there is to it!

ride the wave to a cleaner planetWater that costs Americans ridiculous amounts of money, and damages both our bodies and our planet is not Smart Water. The tide has turned and there’s a Greener Bottled Water wave to ride.  I’m on it…are you?

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