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Crave Restaurants go green by serving AquaHealth's Vivante Water

Saturday, February 26th:  

Location:  Crave Restaurant, Orlando Florida

Chris Shymanski, Midwest Account Manager from AquaHealth interviews Mike Opalenik, General Manager, from Crave Restaurant in Orlando.

Crave Restaurants only serves Eco-Friendly Vivante Waters from AquaHealth in their 5 Restaurants.  Crave Restaurants are located in Minnesota, Nebraska and Orlando.  

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Our Healthy Beverage Program at San Francisco State University

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December 2, 2010
Steve Donaghy, Vice Predescribe the imagesident of AquaHealth sat down with Edward Vicedo, from San Francisco State University to discuss the expansion of the AquaHealth Healthy Beverage Program.

Steve: Edward, you have been offering your students AquaHealth’s Healthy Beverage Program for four months now. How has it been received by your students? 

Edward:  I think AquaHealth has been extremely popular.  The students are pleasantly surprised to discover that they do not need soda in their lives every day.

Steve:  What do you think their favorite AquaHealth flavor has been?

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EdwardGreen Tea first, then Lemon-lime.



Steve – What do you like about AquaHealth & what it offers your students?describe the image

Edward – I love the great PR that my account has received for keeping the students health in mind first.

Steve – You have recently decided to expand AquaHealth’s footprint to a second beverage station at San Francisco State.  What is the reason for the change?

Edward – When the students were looking for AquaHealth, we wanted it to be easier to find.

Steve – What can we improve on to enhance the AquaHealth experience for you and your customers?

Edward – We would like to add signage around the program to further educate the students.

Steve – We will work with John, in your marketing department, to come up with the proper poster for you.  Thank you Edward and Happy Holidays from all of us at AquaHealth!

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