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AquaHealth provides Wow Factor at Woodmark Hotel's 'Bin On the Lake'

AquaHealth provides sustainable bottled water to The Woodmark Hotel in Washington StateAquaHealth provides sustainable bottled water to The Woodmark Hotel in Washington State

On January 20, 2011, Steve Donaghy, Executive Vice-President of AquaHealth, spoke with Quentin Incao, Director of Food & Beverage at the Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland, Washington:

Steve: How long has the Woodmark Hotel used AquaHealth’s Sustainable Bottled Water?

Quentin: ‘Bin on the Lake’ Restaurant installed the program in September of 2009.  We put in the banquet program about a year ago.

AquaHealth provides sustainable bottled water to The Woodmark Hotel in Washington StateSteve: You use custom bottles, a different one for each program.  How is that working out for you?

Quentin: Fantastic! People want to take the bottle home because they have such a unique look. It gives an identity to the bottle and keeps our brand foremost in our guest’s mind.

Steve: What kind of feedback from guests have you received about your sustainable bottled water program?

Quentin: At ‘Bin on the Lake’ it has been extremely positive.  It has been a real ‘Wow’ factor and an easy sell for our servers.

Steve: How is your sustainable bottled water sold at ‘Bin on the Lake’?

Quentin:  It’s $2.50 per person, all you caAquaHealth provides sustainable bottled water to The Woodmark Hotel in Washington Statere to drink, which makes it a fantastic value.  It’s a cool concept that is not seen in many local restaurants, but it ensures that most people are drinking it.

Steve:  Have you recommend AquaHealth’s sustainable bottled water to others?

Quentin: Yes.  I recently gave a tour to managers at the ‘Bellevue Club’ and they are following through with it.  I have also recommended the program to other members of the MTM Collection.

Steve:  Quentin, we certainly appreciate the business and thank you for your support

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Healthy Beverage Chat with Craig Traub of SUNY Oswego

AquaHealth Healthy Beverage Program at SUNY Oswego

AquaHealth's green and sustainable fountain beverage program for schoolsOn December 17, 2010, Steve Donaghy called Craig Traub, Director of Dining Services for The State University of New York at Oswego, as he was wrapping up the Fall Term before the Holidays.

Steve: Hi Craig! How long have SUNY Oswego customers been enjoying AquaHealth Beverages?

Craig: Since this past August.

Steve: What do you like best about having AquaHealth Products on your beverage line?

Craig: The healthy choices it offers my customers.

AquaHealth's Healthy sugar free flavored waters for fountain dispensers

Steve:  How has the service been?AquaHealth listens and responds to customer input

Craig: We have had some bumps in the road.  Your third party service provider isn’t the best.  I have talked to Mike [Digilio] about it.

Steve: Thanks for that feedback. I will be sure to follow up on your comment. I also look forward to asking you again in a few months and getting a more positive answer.  Are there any flavors that your customers enjoy the most?

AquaHealth's AquaXcel Vitamin Enhanced Flavored Waters

Craig: The vitamin enhanced flavors, Kiwi-Berry Excel and Exotic Berry are very popular.

Steve: Are there any other flavor directions that you would like to see AquaHealth develop?

Craig:  I think you have a really nice assortment of flavors.

Steve: What can we do as a company to make your experience with AquaHealth better?

Craig:  I am glad that you asked that question.  We need more nutritional information prominently displayed that stresses the healthiness of your products.

Steve:  Great information, Craig! I will have Dave Flanders reach out to you to work on that request.  Thank you for the business and have an enjoyable Holiday!

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Our Healthy Beverage Program at San Francisco State University

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December 2, 2010
Steve Donaghy, Vice Predescribe the imagesident of AquaHealth sat down with Edward Vicedo, from San Francisco State University to discuss the expansion of the AquaHealth Healthy Beverage Program.

Steve: Edward, you have been offering your students AquaHealth’s Healthy Beverage Program for four months now. How has it been received by your students? 

Edward:  I think AquaHealth has been extremely popular.  The students are pleasantly surprised to discover that they do not need soda in their lives every day.

Steve:  What do you think their favorite AquaHealth flavor has been?

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EdwardGreen Tea first, then Lemon-lime.



Steve – What do you like about AquaHealth & what it offers your students?describe the image

Edward – I love the great PR that my account has received for keeping the students health in mind first.

Steve – You have recently decided to expand AquaHealth’s footprint to a second beverage station at San Francisco State.  What is the reason for the change?

Edward – When the students were looking for AquaHealth, we wanted it to be easier to find.

Steve – What can we improve on to enhance the AquaHealth experience for you and your customers?

Edward – We would like to add signage around the program to further educate the students.

Steve – We will work with John, in your marketing department, to come up with the proper poster for you.  Thank you Edward and Happy Holidays from all of us at AquaHealth!

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