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Are you staying hydrated?

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Drinking More Water: A New Year’s Resolution to Consider

new years resolutions resized 600With 2014 only a couple of days away, coming up with some new year’s resolutions that you can stick to can be tough. We all have stories of resolutions that were easier to hold to in our heads than in reality, and would love to not repeat that mistake again. Fortunately, there is one New Year’s resolution that is easy to stick and incredibly beneficial for your health: Drink more water!

Why is “drink more water” a great New Year’s resolution? Well, we could start with the fact that’s its easy. All you have to do is to drink an extra glass of water a day, that’s it. Secondly, Glass of waterdrinking more water is obviously good for you. You will not find a nutritionist on the planet that will tell you it isn’t. By drinking more water, you also won’t be a part of the two-thirds of Americans don’t drink enough water according to Boston College Dietitian Sheila Tucker.

Need more reasons to put “drink more water” on your New Year’s resolution list? How about the fact that drinking more water can help you control your calorie intake and can help you maintain a proper balance of body fluids. Want more? Drinking more water can also energize your muscles, help your kidneys, and keep your skin looking good.

With the facts in hand, will drinking more water be on your New Year’s resolution list?

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