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The Effects of Dehydration on Elite Athletes

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Drinking enough water on a daily basis is important for everyone. This goes double for athletes or people who are exercising. What about elite athletes? Check out this cool Sport Science Special below on the effects of dehydration on elite athletes.


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A Healthy Living Q&A with AquaHealth Team Member Tyler Cooke


As a member of our operations staff, Tyler Cooke makes sure our entire business runs smoothly and efficiently. When he is out of the office however, Tyler’s focus switches from ensuring the “health” of AquaHealth to the health of his body.

I sat down with Tyler last week and asked our self-described resident “healthy living and fitness freak” a couple questions about his regimen.


One conversation that always comes up in the office is the latest fitness edge you are pursuing. What methods are you currently pursuing to get that extra edge?


To start, I drink over a gallon of water a day. A few years ago I learned that more than forty-percent of adults are constantly dehydrated. I also learned as well that if you drink an 8oz glass of water when you wake up in the morning it boosts your metabolism by thirty to forty percent. As a result, staying hydrated is key for me.

I also eat a protein-rich diet to promote muscle growth, and I make sure to consume protein after each and every workout. 



Are there certain exercises that you swear by?


My goal is to build muscle mass, so the exercises I incorporate into my workout are about building strength, not necessarily calorie burning. I run a mile before every workout and then hit the weights for about an hour. I am currently using a routine called “German Volume Training”, which includes doing 10 sets of 10 reps each of a compound movement such as a bench press or dumbbell chest press.


As we all know, hydration is vitally important to a successful workout, about how many glasses of water do you drink during and after each of your workouts?


I drink about 30-50 ounces of water before 9am every morning, and I try to drink over a gallon of water a day whether I am hitting the gym that day or not. When I do workout, the key for me is to drink 20-40 ounces of water during my time hitting the weights and running on the track.  

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Fitness Friday: Healthy Living Tip

hydration resized 600I recently linked a video on our blog about how much water you should drink during your next workout. Brent Rose writing in the Fitmodo section on went into detail in a recent article about how much water your body needs on a daily basis to stay hydrated, as well as during workouts.

It is definitely worth a read, especially for all you healthy living fanatics out there. 

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Healthy Living: How to Unlock your Creative Gene

Healthy LivingFor many of us, finding that extra edge when it comes too healthy living is imperative in our daily life. Consuming protein shakes, practicing yoga, and eating power foods are just a few of the practices that people focused on healthy living sometimes undertake to gain that “extra edge.” However, did you know that one of those “extra edges” could be gained simply by exercising regularly? 

According to a recent research study published in the Frontiers of Human Neuroscience, exercising on a regular basis acts as a cognitive enhancer that can boost your creativity! The study found that people who exercised regularly consistently did better on creativity tests than people who did not. They summarized their research findings by stating, “The findings suggest that acute exercise may affect both, divergent and convergent thinking.”

Healthy LivingCreativity isn’t the only thing about your brain that is affected by regular physical activity. Other studies have shown that children and teenagers who are physically active have higher test scores on average. As well, having high blood pressure in your brain can lead to a drop in cognitive ability. Since regular exercise reduces blood pressure, your brain, as well your body can get a boost from hitting the gym.

Next time you have a mind block, instead of stubbornly thinking the problem to death, consider taking a break to work out your muscles. You may be surprised when that "eureka" moment happens as you are riding your bike or finishing that last rep.

If you ever needed another reason to make physical activity a part of your weekly healthy living regimen, here it is! Exercising regularly can make you smarter and more creative!

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