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Ban-the-bottle At Home

Okay so I started a project at home, ban-the-bottle.  Schools and corporate offices are doing it all over the county so I decided I should start at home. I went out and bought a 2.5 gallon jug of water, the type that slides into the fridge and you push the nozzle to get water.  Because picking up a jug and pouring it into a glass would prove too difficult to those I love and live with.  I also went out and purchased an Ello glass reusable water bottle that actually looks like a water bottle.  You can find them at your local Target in a variety of colors between $12.99 - $14.99. 

Ello Glass bottles

So the test began.  I washed the bottle and then had a sit down chat about how using this one glass reusable bottle would cut down on our bottled water waste in our home and cut down on the cost.  Bottled water is like $3.99 and up for a case.  I really emphasized how water tastes so much better in glass then it does in plastic, it even says it on the label.

Now I have been a long time user of reusable bottles, especially the glass one I have now. It is with me at all times, just like how you bring your cell phone and purse with you everywhere, you will get accustomed to bringing a reusable glass bottle with you everywhere.  Now that we are heading into warmer months it is especially important to stay hydrated with some cold H20.  You can always throw in some fruit to do a little water infusion if you get tired of plain old water.  I use lemons, limes, strawberries, watermelon, mint leaves, basil, anything really that’s in the fridge or in my garden.  Using mason jars as a reusable water bottle/jar is a great idea to infuse water in. You can find them pretty much anywhere, they are inexpensive and glass.

fruit infused water in mason jars

So, Ken, has always been adamant about drinking water out of plastic bottles, right from the store.  It kills me to buy individual bottled water at the grocery store because personally I am so against it.  But we do things we don’t always like or love for the ones we like and love.  This is why I finally decided enough and bought the 2.5 gallon container.  It is way less plastic, fits nicely in the fridge and it is cold.  Ice cold water is always nice to have after coming in after cutting the grass or playing fetch outside with Stella. 

Now in the past I have had a Brita water pitcher with the filter and I have a fridge that dispenses water that you need to change the filter, but all this has never worked and Ken has always stuck with the bottled H2O.  So buying the slide in gallon seemed to be the last straw and hey it worked.  He’s actually been using his Ello bottle and really likes that it looks like a water bottle (you’d buy in the store) and hey he even thinks the water tastes better in glass.

So this summer I’m asking everyone who reads my blog to try to ban-the-bottle at home.  I am going to be working on my friends next, which could be a big project seeing that ahh yikes, dare I say… they don’t even recycle.  Ahh!  Little steps… little steps… as long as they are steps in the right direction. 

Let me know how your mission goes to ban-the-bottle at home at, or, you can also find us on for more sustainable projects and earth friendly ideas.

BPA free reusable bottles

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