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Healthy Living: How to Unlock your Creative Gene

Healthy LivingFor many of us, finding that extra edge when it comes too healthy living is imperative in our daily life. Consuming protein shakes, practicing yoga, and eating power foods are just a few of the practices that people focused on healthy living sometimes undertake to gain that “extra edge.” However, did you know that one of those “extra edges” could be gained simply by exercising regularly? 

According to a recent research study published in the Frontiers of Human Neuroscience, exercising on a regular basis acts as a cognitive enhancer that can boost your creativity! The study found that people who exercised regularly consistently did better on creativity tests than people who did not. They summarized their research findings by stating, “The findings suggest that acute exercise may affect both, divergent and convergent thinking.”

Healthy LivingCreativity isn’t the only thing about your brain that is affected by regular physical activity. Other studies have shown that children and teenagers who are physically active have higher test scores on average. As well, having high blood pressure in your brain can lead to a drop in cognitive ability. Since regular exercise reduces blood pressure, your brain, as well your body can get a boost from hitting the gym.

Next time you have a mind block, instead of stubbornly thinking the problem to death, consider taking a break to work out your muscles. You may be surprised when that "eureka" moment happens as you are riding your bike or finishing that last rep.

If you ever needed another reason to make physical activity a part of your weekly healthy living regimen, here it is! Exercising regularly can make you smarter and more creative!

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