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Summer is all about sand between your toes, keeping your skin safe with a broad spectrum spf, being in the ocean every second you get and of course staying hydrated. This summer has been nothing short of amazing so far.  The ocean has been crystal clear, washing up sea-glass and miniature shells onto our sandy white beaches… and the temperature nothing but glorious, besides the 110% humidity factor here every other day. 

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I know when I am at the beach with the kids I tend to forget about myself and be all about the kids.  Making sure they have plenty of water, fruit and veggies to stay hydrated, and don’t forget the “fun” snacks.  A problem I run into at the beach is trying to get them out of the water long enough to dry and reapply 50 spf sunblock to their little bodies and get them to rehydrate.  Thank god for spray sunblock and a child that has bronze skin because she isn’t big on keeping a hat on or wearing her spf shirt, “Tia, I don’t like the way it feels when its wet”, Natalia (age 5). Elena, 8 months, on the other hand, is all about putting that sandy white sand into her mouth, so keeping her on a large towel with buckets is key to keeping her happy and not having a belly filled with sand.  Getting Nat to slow down and drink water isn’t always the easiest part of my day so I infused it with her favorite fruit, watermelon, and made it fun for her.  Elena will pretty much eat or drink whatever you put in front of her so some fresh watermelon and a bottle filled with H20 always works with her.

8 New Skin-Saving SunscreensNow for us adult beach bums:  Applying sunblock and keeping hydrated is also very important for us when in the sun; especially when like me, I’m sure quite a few of you are running around with the little people in your lives.  Fruit infused water is also fun for us.  I am big on taking basil (yes the herb), and putting it in still water from the tap and mixing it with watermelon, 2 limes with the juice squeezed out and a splash of lemonade or a fresh lemon.  It’s so refreshing.  Any fruit really will do.  I have had the watermelon water concoction in my fridge for over a week and just keep adding water to it, I just added blueberries to it to give it a little different flavor.  It’s delicious. For more ideas on infusing water and blueberry recipes check out my Pinterest page at

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No blog is complete without some fun facts:

6 Hydration Tips from Pinterest Experience Life (can be found on our board Keep cool and hydrated this summer)

1)      Start each day with a glass of water (no ice)

2)      Eat two or three servings of vegetables at every meal

3)      Establish regular water breaks

4)      Substitute sparkling water and low sodium vegetable juice for soda and fruit juice.

5)      Install water filters at your home and use pitchers around the office, home or at the beach.

6)      Cook with high quality sea salt

7 Benefits for you and your family to stay hydrated include:

1)      Heat injury prevention

2)      Improved energy level

3)      Reduces headaches

4)      Detoxifying

5)      Smooth your complexion

6)      Improve mood

7)      Lower blood pressure

Keep in mind August is National Water Quality Month, so make sure you change the filters on your faucets, refrigerators and water bottles. Here at AquaHealth our commitment is to provide our customers with the best tasting, quality water that is crystal clear, original, and responsible.  We can bring to you still, sparkling and flavored waters all using your current water source with our customized filtration systems to give you a better tasting, higher quality drinking water to serve to your customers, staff, students and or guests.  Check out or email us at for additional information on our brands: AquaHealth, Vivante and our Healthy Beverage portfolio.

Stay hydrated, lubed up with spf and you should have nothing short of an amazing summer outside and at the pool/ beach.


60% of your body is H20




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