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Virgin Atlantic’s Clubhouse now Serving Vivante Water

virgin atlantic resized 600Virgin Atlantic has now added Vivante Water, AquaHealth’s premium brand water, to their San Francisco Clubhouse. With their relaxing atmospheres, the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouses are the perfect place to relax, get a bite to eat, or even enjoy the services of a spa before a flight. They also offer an excellent venue for business travelers to get work done in a stress-free environment.

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By serving Vivante Water, Virgin Atlantic offers environmentally conscious, crystal clear, and pure still and sparkling water for their guests.

You can find out more information about the unique experience Virgin Atlantic offers in their standout clubhouses here.

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Why is Plastic Bottled Water So Expensive?

Crazy fact of the Day: Plastic bottled water is between two hundred and forty and ten thousand times as expensive as tap water!

Crazy Fact of the Day 2: For every liter of plastic bottled water we consume, an additional two liters of water are used in its production! 

Facts like these make the entire Aquahealth team proud to offer an earth-friendly Sustainable Bottled Water Program that eliminates the waste associated with plastic bottled water.

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Bottled Water Hurts Both the Planet and your Wallet


If Albert Einstein were alive today, there are many things about our 21st century society that would confuse him. Our collective fascination with selfies, check-out lines, and the Kardashians would confuse even a great mind like Einstein. However, if you were to explain to Einstein that Americans spend billions of dollars a year on water transported over long distances in small, plastic bottles, he would think our society was collectively insane. 

Suzanne Havala Hobbs, an associate professor of Health Policy and Management at UNC Chapel-Hill, recently wrote about why we should all ditch bottled water. The reasons are simple: One, its horrible for the environment. Most bottled water comes in small, plastic bottles that end up in landfills. As well, the environmental cost of transporting bottled water over long distances is enormous.

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The second reason is that by buying bottled water, you’re hurting your wallet. Spending a dollar or more on bottled of water on a daily basis gets expensive fast. You can save money by getting a reusable water bottle and ditching the plastic.

Imagine if we all used a reusable water bottle: Our wallets would be thicker, the environment would be better off, and Einstein’s hair wouldn’t be raised so high. A win-win all around!

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AquaHealth Launches NEW Facebook Page



Announcing our New Facebook Page

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AquaHealth, Inc. 
Boston Office:  475 Washington Street, Wrentham, MA 02093, Phone: 508-384-5820
Las Vegas Office:  3200 Polaris Ave, Las Vegas, NV 59102, Phone: 702-327-4814

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Green Alternatives To Bottled Water

describe the image has recently posted an article detailing our

'Greener' Bottled Water Solution.  

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All across America, restaurants, hotels, schools and corporations are seeking to reduce their carbon footprint, hoping to do so without sacrificing the taste and quality of the water they serve. 

AquaHealth Premium Water is the Eco-Conscious choice for those dealing with traditional bottled water woes. Our water is produced on site, conserving precious natural resources, and our in-house delivery system, and proprietary and customizable filtration gives patrons pure, delicious water with near zero waste.

AquaHealth Premium Water - The 'Greener' Solution


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