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The Price of Water


The Price of Water

We can all agree that water is essential to life, whether it be the life of that plant in the corner of your living room, the fish on the menu tonight or the life of your child. 

Water has an inelastic demand in the short-term. The price of water won’t affect demand, since you ‘gotta have it’. Of course, the value of water (and the price one is willing to pay) increases quickly, the longer one goes without……especially on a hot day. 

Pure water has more value than tap water. When water is plentiful, people will pay a market-driven price for premium water (@AquahealthWater).  When clean water is scares, any safe water source is valuable and potentially very costly.

The United Nations has deemed water a ‘human right’.  Everyone must have clean water. But at what price? Economics dictate that scarce clean water can be expensive. Catarina de Albuquerque at her role in the UN is addressing this problem. I read about her @wateraid. She believes clean water needs to have a market price and that the private sector, in partnership with Governments and NGOs, has a major role to play delivering water to places in need. Please enjoy more about what Catarina is doing HERE.

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Drink 8 glasses of water a day....Really?


We've all heard that, but what does it mean?  How big is each glass?  Does juice count? How about coffee? Beer? Does it matter how big I am? Can I get them all out of the way before 9 AM?

I'm in the water business and I wasn't sure how to answer any of these questions, except for the beer one.  So I looked into it and I found a recently published (Short) article out of Sydney, Australia that nails it.  Enjoy!  Don't Do it!



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Virgin Atlantic’s Clubhouse now Serving Vivante Water

virgin atlantic resized 600Virgin Atlantic has now added Vivante Water, AquaHealth’s premium brand water, to their San Francisco Clubhouse. With their relaxing atmospheres, the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouses are the perfect place to relax, get a bite to eat, or even enjoy the services of a spa before a flight. They also offer an excellent venue for business travelers to get work done in a stress-free environment.

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By serving Vivante Water, Virgin Atlantic offers environmentally conscious, crystal clear, and pure still and sparkling water for their guests.

You can find out more information about the unique experience Virgin Atlantic offers in their standout clubhouses here.

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The Benefits of Staying Hydrated


Are you Hydrated?


Are you staying hydrated?

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California Drought: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

California Drought

As you might have heard, California is experiencing a terrible drought that could have a devastating impact on the residents of the Golden State.

The picture above, which was taken from space, better describes what is happening in California than any number of words might….

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The Science of Snowmaking at Sochi


Ever wonder how snow is made? To prepare for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia has used more than 230 million gallons of water to make snow for the skiing and snowboarding competitions! Check out the video below from the New York Times for an explanation behind the science of how they made that much snow….


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Sochi Water: Unfiltered

Sochi Water

Between missing manhole covers, teams of men shooting dogs in the street, and a shortage of pillows for the athletes, the beginning of the Sochi Olympics has been an unmitigated disaster. And then there is the quality of the water. The photo above is the water from the sinks in the hotel bathrooms around Sochi, which as you can see is a yellowish-brown color. You don’t need to be a water filtration expert like one of the AquaHealth technicians to know that water should not be brown.

Check out this Fox Sports story for more silly stories out of Sochi. 

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Everyone Needs ‘Good’ Water

Since 1992, AquaHealth’s has focused on delivering pure, refreshing water on fountain to college students, restaurant enthusiasts, our nation’s military and travelers of all kinds.

Providing convenient access to great water is our passion.

However, world-wide, there are over one billion people who have limited access to any type of potable water. Every 21 seconds a child dies from a water-related illness somewhere in the world. Women around the world spend a total of more than 200 million hours EACH DAY collecting water for their families. 

These facts were highlighted at last week’s World Economic Forum.

Co-Founders of, Matt Damon and David Winder, discussed the challenges and solutions to this urgent problem. They believe as I do, that no government is capable of solving the problem of clean water access for much of the world. The answers will come from us, and we can truly make a difference.

I encourage you to visit to learn more.

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Fitness Friday: Healthy Living Tip

hydration resized 600I recently linked a video on our blog about how much water you should drink during your next workout. Brent Rose writing in the Fitmodo section on went into detail in a recent article about how much water your body needs on a daily basis to stay hydrated, as well as during workouts.

It is definitely worth a read, especially for all you healthy living fanatics out there. 

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The Science of Snowflakes


Ever wonder how snowflakes formed? After experiencing yet another massive snowstorm, our curiosity was piqued. After stumbling across this video about the science of snowflakes we had to share it!

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