Vivante Brand Sustainable Tapered Glass BottlesIncrease your revenue by converting tap water to a paid source of premium filtered water. Reprofit™ with our custom refillable glass bottles, which offer an Earth Friendly alternative to traditional delivered bottled water. Proudly offer your customers water that is purified moments before serving. With chilled or ambient purified Still and Sparkling Waters, it’s easy to meet your client’s needs.

Present our elegant AquaHealh or Vivante Branded Bottles in half-liter or one-liter sizes or choose to offer your own custom branded bottles. Our low fixed cost program allows for flexible options and lower pricing for your customers.

Price Package Options

  1. Free Amenity(Built into Entrée Price)
  2. By The Bottle($2.95 – $8.00)
  3. All-You-Care-To-Drink Per Person: $1.00 – $4.95Per Table: $3.00 – $6.95

Dispenser Recommendation: Clearfill 530, Clearfill 550